Irene Aterido: “The BDSM is bizarre, because it comes from the darkest side of the human being”.”Please, torture me, but do not hurt me”.

by Marta Márquez

November 2011

Irene is a member of the College of Political Science and Sociology from Madrid. She has a background in gender studies and feminist theory in the UCM and the University of Hamburg. Participated since its inception in the RQTR association, dealing with documentation and bibliographical advice to the university community about LGBT issues.
  • “It’s so normal for me to feel things for a girl and sing them”

    May 2010

    María Jesús Méndez

    If we talk about timelines, addition and subtraction, we would have to say Ondina is 22 years old. But the truth is that she confuses you. Ondina is not made of numbers. She’s made of colors and music. So at times she seems like a happy 6 years old girl and other times a teenager full of energy that melts with a very old woman who expires serenity and experience. She doesn’t leave home without her guitar and a huge backpack that it seems will end up breaking her thin figure at any moment. She always carries a book (in this case Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss), her sketchbook, pencils and her agenda.

  • Ana de Alejandro and Criseida Santos: “It’s important to recognize that the dialogue between the LGBT community and society has been established”

    April 2010

    by Marta Márquez

    They have revolutionized the spanish speaking lesbian blogs. Their web site receive thousands of visits a day and they are an example of perseverance and commitment to all mothers, whether lesbians or not. MiraLES wanted to let you know about the story of these two extraordinary mexican women.